Predictive Dialer

gPlex® Predictive Dialer

This is automatic dialing solution used in call center, especially for the outbound campaigns. It works on a computer statistical calculation algorithm to dial series of telephone numbers. Most importantly, it screens and eliminates all the unnecessary and un-productive calls such as answering machines, fax tones, disconnected numbers, busy tones, etc., ensuring that the agents are connected directly to the live calls. Ultimately, it helps increase productivity of call centers.

Features of predictive dialer

* Announcement
* Intelligent Call Suppression
* Auto Scheduler
* Custom Calling Campaigns
* Government Regulation Compliance
* Higher Agent Productivity

Keep Agents at Peak Efficiency

gPlex® predictive dialer dramatically increase the amount of time your call center agents spend with live people. Using a sophisticated algorithm, the dialer predicts when agents will become available and automatically dials contacts. The predictive dialer looks at wrap-up time, schedules, average handling time, and average number of contacts, and optimizes dialing for peak efficiency.

gPlex® Contact Center Solution - for Smart and Powerful Predictive Dialer

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